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Magenta Flaws - Cutting Loose

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From the debut album "Magenta Flaws - Corridor"
Written & Produced by magenta flaws.
Recorded & Mixed at magenta flaws Studio / Athens Greece.
Final Mixing & Mastering by Stefan Konstantinidis / Fabrika Music Studio.
Participating musicians: JohnPa (Electronics & Piano)

Fifteen ways
Your pretentious claims
Fifteen different ways
Of binding me
Obliging me to act like you do
Seems that you have misjudged me
I m not that kind of man
You’ re holding around my mind
You’ re holding around my mind
Just turn around
There’ s no need to ask for more

Use to have my love to wait for long but its gone

Cause I’m feeling underground
Cause I m keeping my self
Holding back
Your hands like handcuffs to mine
Your selfish plans using other people’ s lives
Prospectus for your games
For your upcoming fame

I m cutting loose
I’m hanging loose
I wander around
I feel underground
Your gang hasn’t change
You still look the same
Conceited brigades
Your treason was small compared to my world
You re just one of them
You re slaying my youth instead

I m feeling the sounds
I m tasting the grounds
I m bringing around my mind
It is all I have left to defend my pride
My family my grandchild
I m humming the words
Deluded and lost
You seek nothing more than your sacks of gold
You re condemned to be wretched
I m holding the time

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