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Exit - Koda

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cocked back .45,
hold me stay alive,
still fresh in my mind,
the way that i begged,
the things that i said,
oh the things that i said,

just a carpenter’s boy on a long ride home.
and nobody noticed a boy on his own,
felt the gun to my brain,
the metal sets in,
i sink to the ground,
as my soul wears thin,

And there’s a knife in my back,
And blood on your hands,
I won’t listen to your dogma,
I won’t listen to your dogma,
Little girl on the street,
With blood in your mouth,
They’ll hang you for it,
They’re gonna hang you for it,

Bitter sound of silence,
Never suited you wrong,
I can bury you well,
I can bury you well,
I hope you see,
The homestretch,
And you fall short

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